Building with wood in NOrdic MUnicipalities

NoMu Wood is for you, NOrdic MUnicipalities, to inform and inspire about how building with wood can help you deliver on your municipal priorities.


There is a construction revolution taking place across Nordics, as an increasing number of municipalities are using wood in construction to deliver on their goals of creating healthy, beautiful, low-carbon and circular places to live.


Wood is the only renewable major building material, available in abundance in the Nordics, and has a large potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the construction sector.


Despite the numerous environmental, economic and social benefits, wood construction projects may seem daunting to those who haven’t worked with wood before. This platform aims to help you overcome that.

How to Build with Wood

In this section, we guide you through the process of building in wood from the idea and tender stage, right through to the end-of-life. We have gathered resources, information and inspiration from around the Nordics to help you unlock the untapped potential of wood in construction to create the next generation of low-carbon, healthy buildings.

Click on the different stages of the building process below to explore!


Explore cases to get inspired and find useful numbers and help.

Denmark - Residential

Lisbjerg Bakke

Lisbjerg Bakke is a vision of what sustainable social housing in Denmark can look like. The hybrid timber construction of 40 apartments is a...
Finland - Other


Oodi is a homage to traditional Finnish wooden construction, a new library and multifunctional citizens’ forum for 2.5 million visitors a ye
Sweden - School


Herrestaskolan in Barkarbystaden, just north of Stockholm, was designed to be at the frontier of sustainable construction through innovative...
Sweden - Other

Skellefteå Kulturhus

Skellefteå’s new Kulturhus is demonstrating how a municipality’s vision can create an environment for private investment in building huge wo
Norway - School

Lade School

Lade School in Trondheim is demonstrating how municipalities can use the power of public procurement in driving change towards wood througho...
Norway - Other

Knarvik Church

Knarvik’s new community church with its wooden façade and untreated pine interior uses locally-sourced materials to provide a multifunctiona
Sweden - Other

Östra Sala Backe

Östra Sala Backe’s new elderly care home and kindergarten has been built using prefabricated wooden modules that create a multi-functional,
Sweden - Residential


Kajstaden is Västerås’ new landmark nine-storey timber tower, which has reduced material emissions by 44%, and created a business model that
Iceland - Other

Flatey Farm

Not far from Iceland’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, Flatey Farm has used a large timberframed building to refresh their dairy farming opera
Norway - Residential

Moholt 50 I 50

Trondheim’s Moholt 50 | 50 project has challenged its stakeholders to contribute to sustainable development and innovation, resulting in an
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Centrum for Byggande och Boende med Trä is a research foundation that aims to promote research and development in wood construction and espe

Danish Technological Institute

Strive to be the construction industry's preferred supplier within the building industry. Our experts can help with everything concerning te...


The main focus for the research environment Wood Construction Technology in the subject of construction technology is wood construction tech...

Puu Info

Seeks to promote the use of wood in construction and interior design to create demand for wood products. It disseminates impartial and reada...


RISE is an independent, State-owned research institute, which offers unique expertise and over 100 testbeds and demonstration environments f...

Smart Housing Småland

Smart Housing Småland is an innovation arena for habitats in glass and wood that will contribute to increased innovation and competitiveness

Swedish Wood

Aims to increase the size and value of the market for Swedish wood and wood products in construction, interior design and packaging. Through...


Trefokus is a national information company. We will cover the need for good and correct tree information both from professional players in c...


Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology is the R&D center for the sawmill and timber industry in Norway. Our main tasks are research and deve...


Our vision is to be the leading communicator of knowledge about wood, in connection with the use of wood in construction, wood architecture

Träbyggnads Kansli

Works for modern wooden buildings to be used to a greater extent in the Swedish construction market. We have a special focus on the areas of...

Trästad Sverige

Trästad wants to stimulate increased collaboration between public decision-makers and clients, business entrepreneurs and resources in resea